Thomas Lowery Renovations

Meet the Client

Tommy is a carpenter who builds decks, fences and porches around Birmingham, Alabama. He contacted us because he needed an online portfolio to show builders and potential clients why he's the man for the job.

It Ain't Gotta Break the Bank

Not everyone has thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on a website. We get that.

So what do we do when someone really needs a website but also really needs to save some cash? We use templates.

Here's how it works: you give us all the details on your goals for the site, we give you some recommendations on a template (usually $40 - $70) and then we input all of your content, apply custom styles, and help with SEO.

It saves us tons of time, which saves you lots of dinero.

How we helped:

In addition to choosing a template, customizing and building Tommy's site, we also added his information and portfolio images to local directories, set him up on Google Local Business and Yelp, ensured his site was following SEO best-practices, and consulted him on some digital marketing techniques for his type of work.

One month in, he's already received multiple calls because of the site. He told us that already he could see a $50k boost in gross revenue for the year... and he's only at month one. Think of the potential here.

And to think that for years he's told himself that it wasn't necessary!

Good luck Tommy! We hope you kill it this year.

How we did it:

Wordpress, X-Theme

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