Story Butter

Labor of Love

We created Story Butter one weekend when Whitney decided that simply using Twitter to share writing prompts was too ordinary. She wanted a place for writers to come together and share stories inspired by the same writing prompts. And so Story Butter was born.

Unrequited Love, That Is

Even though we still get weekly emails gushing about the possibilities of the site, it's a total flop. No one posts stories. Ever. Not one. Oh well. In retrospect, we did zero to promote it. And, in all honesty, it was mostly an opportunity for us to tinker with a project and experiment with some ideas.

Why We've Kept it Around

The design and build are completely custom. When the site was built, Moot, the commenting and - for the purposes of this site - story sharing platform that we chose was in beta and was a lot different than it is today. Now Moot is Muut and they charge a monthly fee.

But the animations (which are purely CSS3), the artwork and the interactivity are still fun. We just can't bear to part with the site.

Maybe one day we'll do something with it.

How We Did It


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