Far & Away

Labor of Love:

We built this project one weekend for fun because we love to travel and we love to tinker with sites. Does it make us a little pathetic that we used up a perfectly good weekend to build a site few people really care about? Eh. That's a rather bleak way to look at it, yet it's kinda-sorta-definitely 100% true.

Why we built the darn thing:

Whitney loves architecture and dreaming up adventures. She thought it would be neat if you could discover some of the world's most unique hotel destinations not by place or location, but by the experience you were craving.

Gander at our brilliance:

The design is made-from-scratch, the hover features are fun, the photo galleries are custom, and the map Colin built is freakin' awesome.

How we did it:

Wordpress, Twitter Bootstrap

Template or Built-from-Scratch?

We made this ourselves - "No templates were harmed in the creation of this site."

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