What We Bring To the Table

Wakey, wakey.

We’re about to throw a bunch of words your way and we’d love it if you actually read them. Studies say you won’t because you’re skimming this paragraph, but I believe in you (I also know the word constipated will stop you in your tracks).

And now that I have your attention…

Here’s the deal – we build and design responsive websites (with WordPress, mostly) that win the hearts of users everywhere.

We don’t just make sites pretty… because that’s pretty useless.

Instead we prefer smart design – design that leads to action.

An action that converts a lead into a customer, prompts a curious user to enter their email address, or inspires a potential client to call you about a project.

All of this is possible.

It can be done. And it is done… every day… by your competitors.

So what’s the secret sauce for growing your business and making your mama proud?

Well, the recipe for greatness requires all of these ingredients:

  • a beautiful website that makes sense and is easy to use
  • responsive design that works on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop
  • quick-to-load web pages that invite users to stick around
  • quality images and videos that hook visitors and make them feel connected to your business
  • messaging and copy that’s true to your brand and not boring as all get out
  • keywords and seo strategies that guide the right people to you
  • brilliant marketing strategies (social, email, and so on) so that your customers hang around… and invite their friends to join

We’re here to help you get the recipe just right so that you don’t waste a bunch of time and money doing stuff that doesn’t make a jack bit of difference for your business.

Remember: Don’t work hard. Work smart.

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If You Build It, They Will Come

Here are a few examples of websites we have built, and in some cases continue to manage:

Warmup And Workout

A CrossFit programming and session planning membership website. A completely custom ecommerce and premium membership build. This is a great example of what’s possible with WordPress (anything you can dream up). We continue to manage the website as revenue share partners and co-founders.
Check it out!

Bollywood Theater

Bollywood Theater is an award-winning restaurant in Portland, OR.
Check it out!

Big Table Farm

A high-end winery and farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.
Check it out!

Doug Safranek

An online portfolio for a well-known egg tempera artist living in Brooklyn, NY.
Check it out!

Thomas Lowery Renovations

An affordable online business card for a carpenter in Alabama who specializes in decks.
Check it out!


An illustrated, animated guide to chemical safety. Oh man, what fun!
Check it out!

Polly Gravely

A small business Check it out! for an individual & family counseling professional.
Check it out!

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The Dynamic Duo

Whitney Lowery


Montevallo, AL

How I Make it Rain:

Web design, copywriting, digital marketing

I Geek Out Over:

Crafting headlines, testing button text and colors, building landing pages, analyzing bounce rates and heat maps… are you yawning yet? Probably.

So I’ll just say this:

I work harder than most. I’m in love with learning and testing. I’m not afraid of failure. And I am jazzed about what I do.

I’m also comfortable enough with myself to use words like “jazzed”… and “swell.”

Words to Live By:

Never be boring.

When I’m Not Working, I’m:

Listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship and psychology, walking the aisles of a bookstore, studying or hiking with Colin.

I Get My Best Ideas When:

I’m caffeinated. Or on a long walk.

Colin Safranek


Santa Cruz, CA

How I Make it Rain:

I’m a WordPress acrobat and/or ninja, take your pick. I’m OCD about my code (which is good for you).

I Geek Out Over:

Semantic HTML (awesome for SEO). Template flexibility and versatility (easy for you, the client, to customize and edit your website). Hardware acceleration, minification, and site optimization in general (for a screaming fast website).

Why I Prefer WordPress:

Enormous development and support community. We are in good company when using WP!

Words to Live By:

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

When I’m Not Working, I’m:

Working on my overhead-squat. Winning handstand contests. Cliff diving. Enjoying a good meal. And spending time in the great outdoors, far away from electronics, standing in awe and amazement.

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